A much bigger plan

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February 19. We stop at a gas station in Eunápolis, not long after leaving Porto Seguro. We are five in the van. Two couples and myself. Two Leos (man, woman), two Scorpios (man, woman) and a Taurus (my friend). An explosive mix. The two Argentinian brothers, elder Scorpio and younger Leo are having coffee, kept warm in a thermos. I accept a glass. Love coffee. Plus, caffeine will help me focus on writing my blog after this stop.

I haven’t slept much: skyped with my mom till midnight and woke up at 4:30 for a long, deep, dawn chat with my host as I was waiting for the Kombi team to pick me up. Despite the lack of sleep, I have been very productive since we left, at 6:00: I finished an article I had to write for the student journal of ÉTS, an engineering university. I will upload it as soon as I catch a Wi-Fi zone and will be able to eat for a week with the 50$ pay. Not that I need it – I have plenty of funds on the side. Yes, I have been working like a normal person (8-to-5-day-40-hours-a-week-office-life) during the last 5 years.

To write this article, I selected seven essays published in Quebec since September 2017. The one I liked the most is from Jean Casault: it tells the shared story (history, for those who believe) of humans and aliens. I started reading it in Salvador, few weeks ago, and recognized many words heard since childhood from people interested in all kinds of abnormal theories: reptilians, Atlantis, Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Prism of Lyra, Centaurus… During the last months, I heard few times about alien theories: in November as I was watching the documentary Cielo, by Allison McAlpine (see my critique) and in July during my Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. Also, my mom would sometimes tell stories from the farmers she insures through the government. Farmers often report phenomenoms they associate with aliens, but never get answers from the authorities.

The Driver, a Scorpio Brazilian woman, redhead, hazelnut eyes, earthy complexion, sat on a bench in front of the Lanchonette (buffet restaurant). I sit by her side, a coffee at hand.

  • I’m so happy I came with you guys! I said, internally excited, as I often get since my arrival in Brazil. This trip came up in such a fun way! It was actually, now I realize, something I asked Life for. I was hoping, few weeks ago, that I could meet some people to go by car from Arraial d’Ajuda into Central Brazil. And I wanted to go to Belo Horizonte to see a friend I met during my first week in Salvador. This trip is actually everything I had asked for. I just realize this now…
  • Que maaassaaa! She answered, amazed. I also asked for this! I had to go back to Ouro Preto and Belo Horizonte for my marionette presentations, but felt driving alone would be difficult. I asked for some company. Then both brothers decided to enjoy this detour on their way back to Argentina, and Leo offered Taurus to accompany. Then Taurus met you! I would never have thought of getting that much company, so easily!

Under the sun, already cruel at that early time, the skin of my calves is tearing. I burnt my legs yesterday as I walked along the Ocean, from Praia do Mucugê in Arraial d’Ajuda to the beaches of Trancoso. A 10 km or so walk that everybody told me I should do to visit Trancoso before leaving Arraial. I’m such a lazy tourist that I usually need other purposes than “visiting” to motivate myself – although I love to walk. I ended up getting a reason to visit Trancoso: I would meet the Shaman there to pick up some rapé Taurus wanted to buy from him, but did not have time to go. I asked Cancer to go with me, thinking his joyful presence would make the walk fun. It was: he had me laughing like a drain all the way to the Shaman. I grab my bottle of coconut oil to soak the skin of my calves. Sooo relieving. Coconut oil is the best thing. I use it for everything since 5 years: moisturizing cream for body and face, hair gel, make-up remover, after-sun lotion, massages, cooking oil… EVERYTHING! It’s a passion. I can’t use chemical products anymore as I now feel so obviously how wrong they are. I finish the last sip of coffee and jump in the Kombi, before Leo strongly shuts the door. Let’s now write the Day 2 after Ayahuasca.


I went to bed early (22:30) the night after the ritual. But laying in bed, I was terrified to fall asleep, having kept a belief that popped into mind during the ritual: the Plant had taken me when She wanted to, hence She could take me into Her chaos anytime in the future. Anytime I would close my eyes. But at some point, I was exhausted, and had no choice but to sleep. I closed my eyes, hoping I would not live again the terrible trip to the Plant’s dimension. When I woke up at 7:00, I knew my dreams had not been normal. “Normal dreams” being in our daily life language: people, words in a human language, situations, sometimes animals and symbols a bit far from our reality, but easily identified and rationally explainable. Even though I would not remember my dreams during the last weeks – maybe because I was merely sleeping 6-7 hours per night –, I would always wake up with vague memories – images, thoughts. Like so, I woke up with vague memories on February 11. My dreams were not in my world’s language. They were in the Plant’s language: an obscure background, bright colors, sounds and clear, without-words, insights. I knew I had awaken and fallen asleep two or three times in the Plant’s dimension. I had been shivering at some point during the night, feeling cold under my sheet and had to get the duvet for the first time – it is usually not less than 23 Celsius degrees during the night.

In the morning, I woke up with clear insights. The Plant had been telling me about fears. I should have surrendered to Ayahuasca without any fears. Just surrender. As the Sea taught me when I was 8 years old. My fears conflict with experiencing fully. Any experience: Ayahuasca, love. Any experience that scares us. Any experience that means “losing control”. That REQUIRES “losing control”. My fears prevent me from living the best experiences of my worldly life. I create barriers and obstacles for my happiness to come meet me. The beauty of love, especially, will be out of reach as long as we protect ourselves. Fears and protection prevents us from living the True beauty of Life.

I wrote down those insights on my phone’s notepad, in order to never forget them. Then I checked my Facebook and WhatsApp messages. I remembered to text the Shaman. I wanted to ask him about Abadiânia, the city where I could meet the famous medium João de Deus (John of God).

I heard of John of God in Montréal, a month before I left. I had just decided to go to Brazil instead of India. In November, I was attending an unlimited week of Kundalini yoga at Equilibrium on Saint-Laurent Street, Mile End. There, I met another crazy practionner who attended the classes daily: an American in his early thirties, tall and skinny, blond-hair, light approach into life, going with the flow. He is a meditation teacher and owns a clothes brand, which has him travelling around the world. He had come to Montreal with the spontaneous irrational idea of experiencing the whole winter. What an idea! I was obsessed with the idea of fleeing from those depressing months to come. He had lived five years in Brazil. What a coincidence! I asked him for recommendations. He told me about a region in Central Brazil where there were alien puppets and objects sold everywhere. And he told me about John of God. He got there by chance as he was on a roadtrip, wandering around Abadiânia, not knowing what was there. He met John of God, who told him something that, he said, changed his life. Later, he brought his brother and his parents to meet the medium. They all had a life-changing experience, said my friend.

Not long ago, trying to plan the next steps of my trip, considering how far is Abadiânia from the coast (at least 15 hours by bus), I asked him if it was really worth ride. He answered: “You basically stand in line and he may not even speak to you. He’ll write something on a paper and a translator will tell you what he says. It often is a prescription for these passionfruit pills, the majority get these pills which cost maybe $10 or $20, but he sometimes also says all sorts of other stuff. Going there is more about vibing internally. He’s just to help you manifest your own internal, and since many people are there meditating and the town is on crystals the energy is wild. I can’t recommend it because it’s more of a calling from within you. If you have the calling, then I recommend”. So I thought Life would manifest the calling by offering me an easy way to get and stay there. I sent few messages to hosts on Workaway. I thought: If I get invited by a host nearby Abadiânia, then it means I should go meet John of God. But Abadiânia is a small town, distant from everything; I had not had much success with Workaway till now. However, during the ritual, Life might have sent me this “calling”. I texted the Shaman on WhatsApp – Yeah, twenty-first century Shaman!

[07:37] Gabrielle: Hi J I wanted to ask you something… When I was vomiting during the ritual, I heard you talking to other people about “Abadiânia”… Or was it only in my mind? I did not understand anything, but remembered I had to ask you after, because I was wanting to go meet João de Deus. Did you really talk about Abadiânia? Do you know this medium?

 [07:58] Shaman: Yes. I always go there. I will stay there the whole month of March. It’s an extraordinary place. Probably the most important spiritual portal in the planet.

[08:54] Gabrielle: I think I should know this place… Are you going there with a group? Can we meet there?

[08:55] Shaman: Yes. Let’s organize to meet there.

[08:56] Gabrielle: I think this was a good coincidence!

My task of the day, at my host’s place, was to finish painting the white walls of my room. To make my four-hour shift fly quicker and be twice more productive, I played Eric Pearl’s audiobook “Heal others, Heal yourself”. In the first chapters of the book, Eric Pearl tells a lot about his childhood. He was a very clever child, always bored in school and contesting authority. After his grand-mother died, he would ask her to stop the rain when it interrupted the outdoor games with his friend. His wish was always complied. As I was listening to the first 7 chapters of the audiobook, I related to Eric Pearl in many things he said. I recalled that at age 8 or so, I often felt I could stop the rain by asking the sky – and was sometimes successful. I was testing. I do not believe I had any power. Merely chance. I only acknowledge, now, that, intuitively, I felt this could be possible. With my cousins, we would also make circular dances we called “the dance of the sun” to stop the rain. I really felt it was possible to stop the rain by asking. I finished my painting, having “read” a big part of the book – productive day! I checked my phone before leaving for my sunset swim.

[17:58] Shaman: Nothing happens by chance. Coincidences do not exist. Everything is part of a much bigger plan.

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