Are we only THAT?

** Pour une plus large diffusion, ce blog sera rédigé en anglais. **

I haven’t written yet. Since my arrival in Brazil on December 27th, I’ve been overwhelmed with information, and not enough time to process it. After only 7 weeks here, having visited only 2 cities, I surprisingly realize that the questions that brought me here for a 3-6 months spiritual trip, have already been answered, opening now to an infinite amount of paths to undertake from here.

So, what were those questions?


Are we only THAT? Flesh and blood creatures, catching the tube every morning to run into a badly ventilated office, working for someone else’s vision that doesn’t radiate with who we truly are, what we truly love? And if we do work for ourselves, is our vision really our truth?

Are we only THAT? Or is there something bigger, something behind?

As I was walking, in December 2017, on a snow-covered street of Montreal, I felt my life would never make sense until I would uncover its spiritual mean. I felt I could not give birth and raise children in this society. I wanted to go somewhere to find what was missing here, engrave it within myself and bring those elixirs back with me, wherever I would go, forever.

As you read me, you’ll understand I like to dive into things deeply and to risk myself. This is why my stories can stick to my reality, and be filled with colors, emotions, authenticity… Sometimes, I do get scared of leaving behind what I was before, and not being able to go back. But if never go back, I guess it’s because I found something better.


Courage is a love affair with the unknown.

~ Osho




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